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Commercial pilot license CPL(H)

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Commercial pilot with license CPL(H)

This flight training is a basic requirement if you intend to become a professional helicopter pilot and conduct commercial flights for a fee, or in other words, to make money by flying. Unlike private pilots, future professionals must gradually obtain several additional qualifications and, after flying the required number of hours, complete commercial pilot training.

A commercial license (along with the appropriate type qualification) lets you fly as the captain of single-pilot helicopters for commercial transport.

Flight training course

The training course for commercial helicopter pilots includes a total of 30 flight hours with an instructor.  If you still don’t have NIGHT(H) qualification, then count on an additional 5 flight hours.

Candidate requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • Class 1 medical fitness
  • At least 155 total flight hours, 50 of which as a pilot in command (PIC)
  • Proof of completion of a CPL(H) theoretical course, or confirmation of enrolment in an ATPL(H) theoretical course and completion of at least half of instruction