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Way up there, but upside down

Overcome your instinct for self-preservation and climb into an aerobatic plane. Experience, for yourself, loops, rolls, spins, ailerons, hammerheads, corkscrews, dives and other aerobatic elements that the Extra 330LT can do. With a maximum speed of 400 km/h and an acceleration of up to 10 G, this plane offers a similar experience to the specials in the Red Bull Air Race series…

Do you dare to experience some extreme aerobatic tricks? You can choose from two planes. You can fly in an aerobatic legend, the ZLIN Z142, or you can climb into a brand new Extra 330LT aerobatic special, considered to be the Formula 1 among aerobatic airplanes.

What can I expect after take-off? Every customer gets a customized experience, so, before the flight, the pilot will talk with you about the aerobatic maneuvers that you would like to experience and enjoy.  And how much adrenaline you want to pump into your veins… Get ready for a breath-taking experience served up by a pilot trained by the trainer of the Czech National aerobatic team.

Aerobatic flight – price

Aerobatic flight - one person ZLIN Z142
15 minutes

CZK 5,240

20 minutes

CZK 6,840

Aerobatic flight - one person Extra 330LT
10 minutes

CZK 8,780

15 minutes

CZK 11,620