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Improving and retraining

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Blue Sky Service

Improving and retraining

We will help you further develop your aviation abilities and perfect your skills as an airplane pilot. We offer a wide range of supplementary training for PPL(A) private pilots. Choose the course that will best help you further develop your aviation skills during enhancement flights.

Enhancement flights – What will you learn?

  • Emergency procedures
  • Selection of unusual positions, falls and corkscrews
  • Training to fly by instruments and using radio navigation under VMC conditions
  • Low altitude training
  • Group flight training
  • Navigational flights and flights at low altitudes, low visibility, for long distances and abroad
  • Aerotow training
  • Difference training (retraining) for other types of aircraft, ZLIN, L-200 Morava, Cessna, or Extra 330LT

For more experienced pilots, we offer retraining course and a course to obtain flight instructor qualifications to teach other colleagues.