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I would like to thank you very much for the mediation, an amazing experience for me. By finding a suitable date, it started and in the same pleasant spirit the whole training and flying took place. You were just very nice and Mr. Ing. Veselý in L-39, it was the icing on the cake of my experience.

Milan Rusina
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Thank you so much, it was a great experience that I have been longing for for many years.


Thank you so much for the video and the amazing, unforgettable experience that was definitely worth it. Everyone around was amazing! Perfect organization, from pickup, through briefing to landing and return to reality.

Vendula Imrovič Ondrášová
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If you like flying and if flying a fighter is your dream, go for it. It can give you something you would otherwise lose. I add to everyone else that if you just want to prove something with this, I warn you that you may not be able to do anything at all. For myself, I am satisfied and full of emotions, thoughts and memories even a week after the flight. It was definitely worth it. I received a voucher for a jet L-29 Dolphin flight under a tree last year. Thank you

Petr Kretschmer