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Night training NIGHT(H)

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Night training NIGHT(H)

If you already have a private helicopter pilot license, you can add qualifications with further instruction. One such qualification is night flying, which allows you to fly helicopters after dusk. With the NIGHT(H) qualification you will be able to fly according to VFR regardless of the time of year.

Flight training course

The night flying course for helicopters consists of a total of 15 flight hours, along with 5 hours of theoretical preparation. The practical flight part is divided into training for flight by instruments (10 hours) and night flying instruction (5 hours).

Candidate requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • PPL(H) pilot license
  • Total of at least 100 hours of flight time after receiving the PPL(H) license, 60 hours as captain and 20 hours of navigation flights
  • Type classification for the helicopter used during training (in our case, Robinson R44 and R22, Bell 206)