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Instrument rating IR(H)

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Instrument rating IR(H)

Additional training course for pilots who want to expand their flying skills by flying according to navigation devices. Upon successful completion, you will be able to fly even in worse weather conditions.
Part of this course can be completed on a flight simulator, thus reducing the overall cost of flight training. However, if you prefer practice in the clouds, it is possible to carry out the entire training in a helicopter.

At the Blue Sky Service flight school, we offer training on a Bell 429 multi-engine helicopter.

Content of flight training

– For IR (H) ME qualifications for the Bell 429 multi-engine helicopter, the total training time is 55 flight hours, of which 20 hours are on the simulator.
– For holders of an IR (A), the required training volume can be reduced to 10 hours.

Entry requirements

– 18 years
– 1st class or 2nd class medical fitness with audiometric examination
– Pilot license PPL (H) with night clause, or CPL (H)
– Passed ICAO Aviation English Level 4 or higher
– Completion of the theoretical course IR (H)