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Have a try at being a helicopter pilot

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I want to be a helicopter pilot

        • Is it difficult to learn to fly a helicopter? What are all the things a pilot must know? How does it work at the airport? For curious boys and girls, both big and small, we offer this special several-hour flying adventure. You can find out first-hand what it’s like to be a helicopter pilot. High above the earth, everything will be in your hands only.

      During this flying adventure:

          • we will give you a tour of Brno-Tuřany Airport
          • we will introduce you to all the technical parameters and basic parts of the Robinson R22 helicopter
          • you will receive pre-flight training with the instructor
          • you will try flying in various situations (straight line flying, turns, short navigation flight, flying in a circle, landing) – naturally, under the supervision of an instructor
          • after landing, you will discuss your flight with the instructor

      You can find out what it’s really like to be a pilot with us on your own, or in a group (max. 8 people). If you sign up in a group of three or more, not only will you be able to share your experiences more easily right at the airport, but you will also all receive a discount of 8%.

      And who knows, maybe after your “Pilot for a Day” adventure you’ll be so taken with flying that we will soon see you in our pilot training program. Then you’ll just have to answer one “simple” question – Do you want to learn how to pilot a helicopter or an airplane? Or both?

In case you are interested in flight in helicopters, please contact our partner for mediation of these services – PRESTON Aviation – 530 515 799.