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Blue Sky Service

Flight Training Centre

At our flight school, we offer both basic flight courses for beginners to obtain pilot licenses for planes and helicopters, as well as expanded qualifications and specialized courses for those who already have a license.

Our pilot courses are designed to convey as much of our theoretical knowledge and many years of practical experience as possible. Flight training takes into account the different needs of every future pilot. That is why we take an individual approach and build and schedule courses to meet your particular needs and time constraints.

Flight training for airplanes:

Private pilot license – PPL(A)

Aerobatics training

Multi-engine piston – MEP(A)

Improvement and retraining

Flight instructor – FI(A)

Night training – NIGHT(A)

Instrument rating – IR(A)

Commercial pilot license – CPL(A)

We fly the following airplanes: ZLIN, Cessna, L-200 Morava, Extra 330LT, L-29 Delfín, L-39 Albatros 

Flight training for helicopters:

Private pilot license – PPL(H)

Night training  – NIGHT(H)

Flight instructor – FI(H)

Type rating – TR(H)

Commercial pilot license – CPL(H)

We fly the following helicopters: Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Bell 206, Bell 407GX, Bell 427 a Bell 429