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Top Gun: Maverick

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Experience the pilot training that the actors of the film Top Gun: Maverick completed. First, a flight in a Cessna C-172 aircraft awaits you to test the basics of piloting and understand the movement of the aircraft in space. Next, you will sit in the Extra 330 aircraft and experience acrobatic flight, overload of up to 8 g and a figure that can only be acrobatic special. The flight in the L-39 Albatros jet is the grand finale at the end. You will experience an acrobatic flight in a legendary machine, which was used both for flight with actors and for shooting a number of flight scenes in the film Top Gun: Maverick. A day full of adrenaline and non-traditional experiences awaits you. Whenever you watch videos from your flight, you will be back in the cabin of the plane and experience everything over and over again.

The experience can also be modularly combined and at the same time you don’t have to be alone in it. If you want to take turns with your friends, this is not a problem for us. Contact us at and we will create special offer for you.