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Fall in love with the view

Where will we fly? Honestly speaking, that depends entirely on you, whether you want to look at your garden or see the beauty of Moravia from a bird’s eye perspective. And whether you climb into the plane to overcome fright of heights (we fly at altitudes up to 300 metres); or the sightseeing trip a surprise present for your mother-in-law? We can fulfil virtually any wish.

And it is also up to you whether you would like to fly with a pilot solo or rather share the experience with your loved ones. Our diverse fleet of airplanes is entirely at your disposal.

We can plan the time and exact route of your flying adventure together, and we will do the utmost to accommodate you in both regards. To give you a rough idea, following take-off from Brno Airport, airplanes fly approximately 15 kilometres in 5 minutes.

Would you like to give the gift of a sightseeing flight around Moravia in a plane or around? No problem. Reach out to us and we will prepare a gift certificate.

Airplane sightseeing flight – price

Sightseeing flight ZLIN Z43/Cessna 172 for 3 people 
15 minutes

CZK 3,440

20 minutes

CZK 4,210

30 minutes

CZK 5,690

45 minutes

CZK 7,640

60 minutes

CZK 10,180

Sightseeing flight L-200 Morava for 4 people 
15 minutes

CZK 5,290

20 minutes

CZK 6,590

30 minutes

CZK 9,490

45 minutes

CZK 13,420

60 minutes

CZK 17,240

Prices include VAT and all airport fees.