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Adventures in fighters, helicopters or aerobatic airplanes

Sometimes 15 minutes is enough to remember for the rest of your life. Just like most people still remember the very first time they flew, thanks to our wide array of adventure flights you can give yourself or loved ones a similarly unforgettable experience.

What kind of adventure should I go for? Do you prefer action films like “Top Gun”, or comedies like “Airplane!”? Or something in between? Here at Blue Sky Service we offer a diverse range of adventure flights, since we have a large fleet of planes and helicopters.

What kind of adventure flight should I choose?

Fighter jet flights

  • For 1 person (aged 18+). The session lasts approx. 120 minutes. Price from CZK 25,400
  • What will you fly in? An L-29 Delfín or L-39 Albatros jet fighter trainer
  • Whom will you fly with? With former army pilots of fighters and fighter-bombers.

Sightseeing flights

  • For groups of up to 4 people (also suitable for children). Flights of 15 minutes and more. Prices from CZK 2,600
  • What will you fly in? One of three types of helicopters or multi-seat airplanes.
  • Whom will you fly with? With experienced pilots or flight instructors.

Aerobatic flight

  • For 1 brave individual (aged 18+), who dares to experience 15 minutes of pure adrenaline. Prices from CZK 4,800
  • What will you fly in? Aerobatic special
  • Whom will you fly with? With former army pilots or transport aircraft pilots.

Have a try at being a pilot

  • For curious enthusiasts, boys both large and small and groups of up to 8 people. The programme includes a flight of at least 30 minutes. Prices from CZK 5,990
  • What will you fly in? Try flying a ZLIN Z42 or Robinson R22 helicopter
  • Whom will you fly with? With experienced flight instructors.

Or you can think up your own flight adventure. Don’t believe us? In the past, clients have gotten engaged in helicopters, held bachelor’s parties, and even said “I DO” in the clouds.

We prefer an individual approach. If you have any questions and wishes, write or call us. All adventure flights can be purchased as gift certificates valid for 12 months. We will send you the certificate within 24 hours of payment.  Of course, we can also prepare custom gift certificates.

FAQ – How to prepare for an adventure flight?

1) When should I fly?

We are not an airline; you don’t need to stick to any strict date – we will arrange everything with you individually. We fly year-round, depending on the weather. When your day comes, it’s best to call us one more time at +420 777 449 974, so we can confirm that the weather at the airport is good for your flight.

2) What should I wear?

At the airport, we will be happy to lend you a flight suit, but you don’t have to wear it for your adventure flight.  The main thing is to wear something comfortable for the weather. We recommend bringing several layers because it is often windy at the airport and several degrees colder up in the clouds than on the ground. Nonetheless, if you come in for an adrenaline flight, count on sweating through at least one shirt…

3) What should I bring?

Your “ticket” is your ID card. You can’t fly without it.  Don’t forget to bring a camera including extra batteries and plenty of room on your memory card. For adventure flights in a fighter jet, for a fee, we can also arrange to record a video.

4) Whom can I bring with me?

Anyone that would like to share your experience can come with you to the airport. There are no restrictions for up to 5 people. If you are considering bringing a larger group, please let us know in advance. We will meet you in person at the entrance gate and bring you to our office. All friends must have IDs or passports (a driver’s license is not sufficient), otherwise, they will have to watch your flight from the departure hall. Children under the age of 15 in the company of an adult do not require any identification for entry.

5) What should I leave at home?

Any dangerous items are strictly prohibited at the airport (weapons, knives, etc.). It is also not permitted to bring dogs or use any kinds of drones.