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Commercial pilot license CPL(A)

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Commercial pilot license CPL(A)

The CPL(A) pilot license is required for all professional pilots who want to use airplanes for commercial purposes – i.e., for transporting people for a fee. Upon successful completion of this flight training, in combination with the appropriate qualifications, you will be able to fly as the captain of single-pilot planes for commercial air transport, or as a co-pilot on multi-pilot airplanes (including transport aircraft).

Flight training course

Practical instruction includes 25 flight hours. Under the supervision of an experienced instructor, you will improve your pilot skills and practice handling emergency situations in flight.

Candidate requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • Class 1 or class 2 medical fitness
  • Total of at least 150 flight hours (before taking the final skill test, candidates must have flown at least 200 hours)
  • Proof of completion of a CPL(A) theoretical course or confirmation of enrolment in an ATPL(A) theoretical course and completion of at least half the instruction