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Instrument rating IR(A)

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Instrument rating IR(A)

This supplementary course is for pilots who wish to expand their aviation skills to be able to fly by navigational instruments. Upon successful completion, you will even be able to fly in poor weather conditions.

Part of this course can also be completed on a flight simulator, thus reducing the total price of the flight training.  However, if you would prefer practical instruction in the clouds, all training can be given in the aircraft.

At the Blue Sky Service flight school we offer training in single-engine and two-engine aircraft, including possible conversion IR(SEP) – IR(MEP).

Flight training course

The IR(SEP) qualification for single-engine airplanes requires a total training period of 50 flight hours, up to 35 of which can be in a simulator.

The IR(MEP) qualification for multi-engine airplanes requires a total training period of 55 flight hours, up to 45 of which can be in a simulator.

Candidate requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • Class 1 or 2 medical fitness with audiometric examination
  • PPL(A) pilot license with night qualifications, or CPL(A)
  • Passing an ICAO test of aviation English, Level 4 or higher
  • Completion of an IR(A) theory course