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Group Fighter Jet Flights

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Two legends, side by side

Fly in two legendary Czech-made military aircraft, the L-29 Delfín and the L-39 Albatros, flying just a few meters apart at speeds of up to 460 km/h.

As the only owners of these two aircraft in the world, we can now offer you this unforgettable experience. Listen to the sounds of two turbine engines, admire the perfect flight and enjoy a unique group flight in a pair of jets over the Moravian landscape.

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary with your partner, a major life anniversary or success, now you can enjoy it at an altitude of up to 3 600 meters above the ground with your loved ones at the same time.

Also ideal for larger groups.

Flying in a fighter jet – Price

Group Fighter Jet Flights
25 minutes

CZK 95,400

35 minutes

CZK 143,000

Unedited recording

CZK 2,800

Note 1: Videos are delivered via a link, for a download from an on-line storage site.
Note 2: Flight time is from engine start to engine shutdown including taxiing.

Prices include all airport fees and VAT.

We can arrange special prices for flights longer than 30 minutes.

An unedited recording is the raw video footage from the entire flight, from the time the engine starts until it shuts down – footage is taken from one camera looking out at the landscape and a second camera recording the face of the customer  (the size of the files is 15-20 GB).